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Hyperion unveils the XP-1, a hydrogen powered supercar. Is this the future?

As of now the XP-1 remains in prototype form. But if the production model stays true to the prototype’s specifications, Hyperion will undoubtedly pave the path to the victory of the hydrogen-electric platform, proving that they do in fact offer “all the same benefits of battery-electric vehicles with none of the drawbacks.”According to Hyperion, the XP-1 with over a 1000hp challenges the Bugatti Chiron head to head with a 0-60 run of about 2.2 seconds. Utilise the proton exchange membrane fuel cell of the supercar, and it achieves a top speed of 221mph, mated to a 3speed gearbox putting power out on all wheels. While all of this is incredibly impressive, what is even more remarkable and perhaps more important, is its reported range of 1016 miles, which is about 1636 kilometres. Yes, all of that in a single tank. Despite this, Hyperion remains quiet on the size of the hydrogen tank. Regardless, the tank can be filled much faster than battery charged ones. Hyperion augments to this by planning on deploying several hydrogen charging stations around the country.



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