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New range record set for EVs! But… it wasn’t Tesla this time!

Electric cars have been out there for a while now but the only reason one might not prefer to get one over a gasoline driven one, other than the facts that charging stations are not available everywhere and these doesn’t ‘sound fast’, is because it’s not too convenient for long drives as you can barely go past 500km on a single charge and if the battery is dead then so are you… literally! You don’t have any other option than to tow your ‘electro boy’ back to your home or a nearby charging station. However, Hyundai made the whole world scratch their head when they drove a team of three Hyundai Kona, with a standard battery capacity of 64W and basic Nexen tires, for a total of 1018.7km, 1024.1km and 1036km until all the three cars died out completely setting a new world record. This is double the range you can get from a Tesla Model 3. Yes, there could be other cars which might potentially had a far greater range but the world hasn’t seen such astonishing figures in a mass-produced EV as of yet.



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