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The 2020 Honda Civic Type R just reached a new level of perfection!

This 5-seater, 4-door, track ready hot hatch that is capable of completing the duties of daily driving may not fall in the category of cars at the pinnacle of automotive elegance so if you were expecting a completely new makeover then I’m sorry to say this isn’t your year. Rather, you’ll be delighted to know Honda is offering the 2020 Civic Type R with more refinements which, although being subtle, will improvise on your driving pleasure and take it up a notch. So, what’s new in the 2020 Civic Type R? To begin with, Honda reworked on the suspension to improve handling while ensuring better driving experience. Receiving new bushings at the front and the rear the controllability of the Type R just got better than it used to be and will now give an even sharper steering feel when ‘attacking’ the corners. Installing new anti-roll system along with adaptive dampers, which have been updated from 2kHz to 20kHz for faster response, Honda promises an even wilder Type R on track while comfortability reaches a new peak when switched back to comfort mode.

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