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The Ram ‘TRX’ doesn’t stand for T-Rex. What does it mean then?

“We knew we wanted to do a cool truck that was an off-road trophy-truck-inspired type of thing. But we didn’t really have it fleshed out visually yet, and no one had given us the official assignment to do it. So, when we got it, it wasn’t just ‘go do this’—it was ‘go do this in 77 days”, said Mike Gillam, the TRX’s exterior-design lead. “And so, from the time we got the assignment, it didn’t have any sketches. We had to sketch it, we had to build all the components in beta. We had to do quick and dirty clay models. We were running with our hair on fire, so we didn’t really have time to think, or should I say overthink, that truck, as far as noodling and nitpicking certain things. We just had this essence of what it should be in our minds, and we ran with it.



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