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The Raptor-killing Ram TRX is here!

Indeed, a Raptor killer is what this exuberant pickup is in all its grounds. Coming in at a base price of about $71,000, (a limited-production TRX Launch Edition will be available, taking the pricetag to $90,000) almost $14,000 more than a Raptor, the Ram TRX isn’t just any other pickup truck. It’s made to dominate whatever terrain the Raptor can take on.With 702hp and 650 pound-feet (almost 881Nm) of torque, this monstrosity goes 0-60 in a claimed 4.5seconds and runs the quartermile in 12.9seconda, all courtesy of a 6.2litre supercharged Dodge Hellcat engine, mated to an 8speed ZF transmission. But that’s not all; to go head-to-head with the F150, the TRX most definitely needs more than just a power soup-up. Ram claims the TRX to be the “quickest, fastest, and most powerful mass-produced truck in the world.” And on that accord, they haven’t failed to keep their word.

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