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This is the most badass limo you’ll see today!

The G63 by Inkas Armored is longer than any G63 the average G Wagon owner will buy from a Mercedes dealership (although the one who can afford a G Wagon surely doesn’t fall in the category of ‘average’). While being 173 inches in length the limo will still fit four people inside. The extra space is only there to increase leg room the elites might want and perhaps to remind one that he is not in any ordinary car but rather a special piece of craftsmanship. Despite the added weight and length to the car Inkas haven’t touched the engine of the car and you’ll still be receive the same 575hp you could get from a regular G63 AMG but I don’t think this opulent tank needs any more power than that. Ballistic glass, bullet proof panels, infrared and thermal cameras, reinforced suspension, bullet-resistant glass, reinforced door hinges, floors that can withstand grenade detonations-  you name it- this car has them all as standard! Inkas also didn’t forgot to add the run-flat tyres to ensure your safety even if one ever plans take the car out during a war.



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