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Volkswagen may electrify some more of its classics

More recently, in late June to be precise, the classic model names Beetle, Golf, Karmann, Kubel and Safari were all filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office with an “e-” prefix, insinuating an electrified version of the cars.VW’s e-Bulli project was done in conjunction with European conversion specialists eClassics, with Volkswagen reportedly considering selling eClassics conversion kits internationally through its dealer network. The Kombi went through an entire chassis surgery, with Volkswagen completely redesigning it in order to fit with its new accessories, namely the added power and of course, electrification.While a trademark filing doesnt necessarily mean that all of the models will be produced, in September 2019 Volkswagen applied to trademark the name e-Kafer, which came in the form of aforementioned electric convertible Beetle. It wouldn’t be wrong to predict a similar pathway in accordance to VW’s patterns.

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