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A brief history of the BMW logo

Before this logo appeared, BMW went in the register as a German brand without a logo, and for that reason, the first ad that appeared in the streets in the same month in July, did not have a logo on it as well. It was not until October of the same year that it received its first logo. At that time though, BMW was not associated with cars and motorcycles of any sort as it is today. It was a company that helped in maintaining aircraft engines for the German air force. In 1928 the word foresaw the first car that BMW made, the 3/15, and the rest can be seen today.In 1933, after the release of the BMW 303, a new logo could be seen in the cars fresh out of the Bavarian factories including, the infamous kidney grill which still is a major part of a car from BMW now. The symbol was the same but the golden outlines were missing. Shortly after that though, due to world war II, the BMW factories were heavily bombed and for that reason, it went back producing pots and bicycles. BMW resumed the production of motorcycles in 1948 and cars in 1952 where it released the BMW 326 which was their first four-door sedan.



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