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A duel between the ultimate budget daily driver sedans in Bangladesh

This a very tricky part to lay a discussion about as the country is very biased on Toyotas as resale values are always high and most tin-shed mechanics can work on these vehicles as taking a sip of your favourite cold coffee on a hot summer day but what Honda is offering on the Grace at this price range, makes the common customer’s head scratch on what to get ultimately as the Grace is a direct competitor and the features provided are very close, if not better.To keep this comparison as parallel possible, we are going to compare the new shaped Axio (2015 and later facelift model) with the 2014-2015 models of the Grace. Now when it comes to actual comparison, both cars are mid-sized sedans with an FF layout and both come with a hybrid and the Axio only comes with petrol option. Both the Honda Grace and the Toyota Axio have an optional AWD and in terms of engine size, both have a 1.5L four-banger where Toyota uses its infamous VVT-I technology and Honda uses its Variable valve timing and Lift Technology, which in short is called VTEC. These cars seem to be very similar right? But wait, these are just the basic specs. You will see later that these vehicles are very different and distinct from each other.

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