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Bicycle sales reach record-breaking numbers amidst Coronavirus.

Statistics taken of sellers from Bangshal; home to 150 plus bicycle shops and being the main cycle hubs in Bangladesh say that bicycle sales have reached historic high rates and have almost tripled averaging in nine units compared to three per day. The bikes sold are mostly mid-range (15000 Taka – 25000 Taka), primarily opted by students.Apart from Dhaka, other cities are also seeing spikes in bicycle sales. Import officials are expecting statistically the total market share will double amidst the pandemic where the current market shares stand in 50 crores where 15 lac bikes are sold each year. This situation is mainly stood because of social distancing and the need of getting work done safely, staying away from public transport as much as possible. This change could also spew a healthier generation as pedaling to places provides good exercise as well as promoting a greener environment.



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