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Buying a Diesel car in 2020

Diesel has a heavier fuel compound in general compared to petrol. Thus diesel can deliver more power consuming less fuel compared to petrol, resulting in a high compression, energy dense mixture. As a result, diesel systems are more fuel efficient compared to gasoline systems. On the flip side, diesel cars are more expensive to acquire compared to its petrol counterpart. Since diesel is a heavier fuel compound it emits more greenhouse gases compared to petrol and as a result, many countries have sanctioned increases of taxes on such vehicles.Well, taxes and other legal fees have not increased on our country as of now on diesel cars and rules might not change for a while. Diesel is comparatively way cheaper than octane and since it provides better fuel economy, it’s a no brainer not to get one. But on the other hand, diesel cars are expensive and are less ecofriendly compared to patrol cars. Petrol cars these days have gotten efficient enough to provide parallel efficiency with diesel cars with hybrid setups and other mind boggling technologies but at the end of the day, diesel still wins on longer trips.

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