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Christmas came early for the Nissan Frontier, Titan and Xterra

Similar to the Performance Level 1 that Ford offers for the Ranger, Nissan breaks up the kit by offering the items individually. The NISMO suspension package includes Bilstein dampers that have been tuned to withstand additional loads from Overlanding equipment and heavier off-road tires. The dampers are valved to tackle the rigours of the path less travelled; the rear units feature remote reservoirs to battle heat buildup during extended periods of abuse.When we focus on the exterior bits, a burly NISMO steel bumper will be offered with provisions to mount a winch, tow hooks, and lights. The latter will also be on the NISMO parts list. Developed by Rigid for Nissan, various LED pods and bars will be available, but at the time of the product launch, 6.0-inch round lamps with an output of 8600 lumens will be the sole offering. Each lighting kit will include the necessary wiring and hardware for installation. NISMO will also offer a good-looking 17-inch grey wheel, which Nissan claims is stronger.



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