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Enter the 847hp manual behemoth that is the Aston Martin Victor

Built at Q, Aston Martin’s customisation department, the Victor is very likely to be the embodiment of every Aston Martin fanboy’s wildest dreams. It shares the One-77’s carbon fibre monocoque with Vulcan bits and pieces, and perhaps more excitingly, shares the One-77’s 7.3litre naturally aspirated V12, which was sent to Cosworth to employ 847 horses this time around. EVEN more exciting though, is the fact that our shadow man of culture put a manual transmission in this behemoth. Yes, you read it right. A naturally aspirated, manual supercar, exerting almost 900hp to the rear wheels. To handle all that overflowing power, it produces more downforce at 100mph than the British automaker’s Vulcan GT4 racecar, from which it takes the inboard dampers and the ginormous carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes. What is this? Automotive Disneyland?



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