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Maserati MC20, an elegant mid-engined supercar

The MC20 is a car that sticks closely to the supercar playbook. Built around a central carbon-fibre tub created in collaboration with Dallara, the motorsports engineering company that also developed the carbon structures for the Alfa Romeo 4C and Bugatti Chiron. Even the bodywork is made from carbon fibre, and as is a normal feature in the supercar market. However, it is said that the MC20 will be available in two variants which includes a coupe and a convertible. The Italian marque even claims the internal-combustion version of the coupe will weigh just 3240 pounds.Maserati is also planning to launch an electric model shortly after the gasoline car goes on sale. That’s not to say the hydrocarbon-consuming version of the MC20 will be any short on innovation. It will hold a 90-degree V-6 engine which is known as the “Nettuno” meaning the “Neptune”.



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