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Production of Ford Bronco will start from March 2021

A website called Bronco6G recently revealed the date about when the Bronco will go into production. It is coming from an official calendar of Ford’s future product releases and thus can be considered legit! In the website it was stated that the production will start from March 2021. That’s exactly half a year left before the wheels of the first 2021 Ford Bronco comes in contact with the roads of America. Honestly, I can’t wait for the spy shots! However, as we all know we still have to wait a while before you can actually go to a dealership and check out one and even if the Bronco is finally here it will most likely be the Bronco Raptor. We still have to wait longer before we finally see the Bronco’s litter brother- the Bronco Sport.But till then you can check out some other cool SUVs such as the Chevy Blazer or the upcoming Jeep Wrangler which will also start production seven months later on October of 2021. The growing demand of SUVs along with the crossovers have been in favour of the ‘off roaders’ recently as it seems of now. I hope this trend stays for a while and more companies are inspired to make 4x4s.



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