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2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Review: First Ride

Suzuki has seemingly accomplished a daunting task – that of updating the legendary Hayabusa for its third generation. But do the updates come at the expense of its revered DNA, or is the good old hooligan still lurking within?

As motoring journalists, we get the chance to test and experience an array of vehicles every year. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. However, there are, at times, rare moments when we look forward to testing a particular vehicle more than anything else we’ve ever looked forward to in our lives! For me, that moment came just a few days back when an opportune phone call led to the realisation of a childhood dream – to test and experience one of the most legendary motorcycles of all time – the Suzuki Hayabusa!

Suzuki had pulled the wraps off the new, third-generation Hayabusa in February this year. Yes, when you first look at the third-gen model, it doesn’t really look new. However, I think that this is the key challenge that Suzuki has boldly accomplished – giving one of the most iconic motorcycles on the planet a thorough overhaul whilst retaining that original and oh so recognisable aerodynamic silhouette!

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