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A closer look at the underrated Supra

The Supra initially started out as the Celica-Supra for its first two generations before the ties were cut to make the Celica either front wheel drive or all wheel drive for rallying whereas the Supra kept the rear wheel drive drivetrain of its ancestors. The MKIII Supra was the first generation of Supra to not have the Celica moniker in its name and the top end model of this generation of Supra even received an increase in engine displacement to 2.5 litre that was available either with a single turbo or a twin turbo setup offered for the later models. For this feature of Turbine, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Partha Das and take a closer look at his beautifully restored 1990 Toyota Supra MKIII.“The Supra used to be owned by Nasib bhai, a fellow brother of mine and I first saw the car, or only the shell that remained of it to be honest, in a basement many years ago.” answered Partha when we asked to tell us a little about the background of his car, “However, when Nasib bhai started the restoration project, I used to go see the progress everyday and also got the chance to put some of my own efforts into making this car come back to life.”



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