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My dads dream was to race formula 1 but he didn’t have enough opportunities to participate in a race himself. So, when he got that capability, he started to take my elder brother abroad for making him do track days. After coming back from abroad, my dad took him to India to do races in 2016,17 and 18. When my brother used to practice in our racing simulator, I used to watch him practice which made me get attracted to racing day by day.In 2019, I participated in “Volkswagen Ameo Cup” a competition of 10 races which had 4 rounds. Firstly, I finished in 2nd place in the race 2 of round 1 among 17 drivers in the track named “Kari Motor Speedway” which is located in Coimbatore, India. Secondly, I finished in 2nd place again in race 2 of round 3 in the track named “Madras Motorsports Race Track” which is located in Chennai, India. Lastly, in the overall championship time table, my position was in 7th position and I was leading in the junior championship’s times table since race 1 which made me become the Junior Champion of Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2019.

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