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Collecting Cars As Memories, Not As Trophies. Introduction to Saqif Maqsud

Growing up as automotive enthusiasts we all had many dream cars that we wished to own. Some were attainable like a Toyota Corolla AE90 GT, while others were wild fantasies like a Lamborghini Countach. But that never really stopped us from owning cars that only a few are fortunate enough to do so. This is mainly because some became diecast collectors and converted their enthusiast’s fantasies into a scaled reality.This diecast segment isn’t about a normal diecast review but is instead an introduction to a humble soul who I came across in a local diecast group on Facebook. Named Saqif Maqsud, he is a man with big dreams and a big scaled paradise. Starting from Toyota Crowns with the perfect fitment to your average Toyota Hiace, he has it all. However, his perfect JDM themed collection has a story that I shall try my very best to share with my own words.Calling himself a small collector, which he sure is not. Mr Saqif Maqsud came from a middle-class family where he grew up seeing ordinary cars that are now pure collector’s items. However, due to financial reasons, his family couldn’t keep all the cars they owned till the mid-60s. As a result, Mr Saqif had to say goodbye to a lot of cars that sculpted him to become the enthusiast he is today. This is when collecting model cars became a part of his life’s equation as this simple hobby allowed him to hold on to his childhood memories while helping him pursue his dreams.

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