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Conglomeration of the two German counterparts The story of the forgotten 914

Interesting, forgotten and unique being the three words that can be used to describe it. The Porsche 914 is a car that has been chosen by automotive enthusiasts to be unloved. Why so? Mainly because it is known as a  “mockery”  of everything Porsche stood for. It sure didn’t look like a Porsche nor did it perform like one. But it had the traits that allowed it to hold on to that golden Stuttgart crest.The infamous 914 was brought forward in the mid-1960s because Porsche was looking for something cheap which could be used to replace the iconic Butzi 912. The German Marque’s older brother, Volkswagen, on the other hand, was on the lookout for a halo car that would be different from the Beetle, Bus, and Fastback. As a result, to help each other out as good siblings do, they created an “interesting” mid-engine Targa-top two-seater that seemed to have checked all the company requirements.



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