Monday, April 22, 2024

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We have even gone up to speed with MG, Peugeot, and Volvo but the cars that we have reviewed remain a mystery that will unveil as you flip through the issue’s pages.The February issue also includes an article on the Porsche 924 that our writer, Neehan Rashid dubs as the “odd one out of the bunch, but yet an icon” which can be considered to be a very bold statement. For the manga lovers we have even talked about the most iconic Japanese manga known as “Wangan Midnight” and the article sure won’t disappoint you. Furthermore, if you talk scale models only, we have gone head to head between Spark and Kyosho as we compare their Porsche Turbos in the “Battle of the 43 Turbos” article.Two-wheeler enthusiasts also have something to look forward to in this issue as we have gone all nitty-gritty with the Kawasaki and the Veloce Legion 40. We also covered the “Mercedes Benz Heritage Meet” and the “Bengali Car Meet” so that enthusiasts who could not attend the meets can always relive them thanks to the February issue.

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