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Running from the Bulls!

To start off with the basics, Formula 1(F1) is a sport taking over 3 days of the weekend; Friday, Saturday and Sunday with 23 races over the course of the entire year. Trust me, once you are hooked to formula 1, those 23 weekends are always going to be really exciting. It includes 10 teams with two drivers each, who compete to push not only the limits of their cars but themselves too. In Formula 1, around the world there are 71 tracks (among which many have been discontinued), but each of these tracks are different from one another, pushing the drivers to their limits. There are also two types of championships, not only do the drivers compete for the drivers’ championship, but the teams themselves compete in the constructor’s championship. So, there is no end to the competition, keeping us at the edge of our seats after every race. Formula 1 follows a pretty basic points system which are given as per your position in the race (For P1, drivers earn 25 points and drivers only up to the 10th place can earn points). There are far more complications and rule, but that tends to be a bit boring like the many other rules in other sports. Putting aside a few of the basics of F1, time to talk about what’s most important.



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