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Before we start the comparison, I want to point out that we aren’t dealing with the same models. The Kyosho is a 3.3 Turbo and the Spark is a 3.3 Turbo Targa. However, both are 58 USD and are from two reputed brands. Now that everyone knows what we are dealing with, we can get on with the comparison.The Kyosho Turbo is made out of die-cast which many collectors prefer since it is cheaper and more durable. The Spark Turbo on the other hand is made out of resin which has a lower demand compared to die-cast models as resins tend to be more expensive and fragile. However, resin models are usually of better quality and are accompanied with sharper body lines. For the Turbos, both the die-cast and the resin are neck to neck in terms of quality so it’s a tie.

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