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The Classic Car Exhibition at Baridhara

The exhibit was organized by a well-known individual from the classic car community, Mr. Durjoy Rahman. The event also ran under the banner of Durjoy Bangladesh foundation and Old Car Club Community Bangladesh.In the exhibit, we saw varieties of cars and bikes. Some of them were charmingly restored while the others made people think they were part of a scene from a 1950s movie. Those vehicles certainly lived up to all its former glories and allowed young enthusiasts to visualise what the old days looked like. This as a result,  allowed the exhibit to be successful in showcasing how much Bangladesh has developed over the past 50 years.There was a sparkling classic BMW 2000ti that looked like it was manufactured a few years ago. But in reality it was brought back to its glory with a lot of hard work and determination. However, one wouldn’t fail to notice the craftsmanship and the love that went into restoring and captivating the car’s old beauty.



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