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The most affordable workshop in Dhaka

From the beginning, ATL is involved in giving some quality products to their customer and some initial service with some Initial equipment. Though their main focus is automobile servicing.They are the official dealer of other products also rather than Yuasa battery. They also supply genuine parts of a Vehicles. It doesn’t matter to them it is 60s car or recent hybrid. They will give you the genuine parts of the vehicle in a very comfortable price. Because they want to offer the best to the customer.They offer many kinds of services for the customer. They offer pre purchase inspection which you will need before buying a car. If your car is broken and it is an expensive car but you need genuine spare parts, ATL is the perfect place for this. Because they supply genuine spare parts at a minimum cost. Even there is a separate place for hybrid car diagnosis and there is a room in the office for repairing parts of those car. There is an equipment only for Suspension and brake test. We don’t get to see 3D Wheel alignment everywhere. But here we get to see that. Here we also gets to see face lifting facility. There are 3 kinds of lifter and their functions are different. You can do interior detailing by your own customize choices maintaining the quality. Their other services are CNG servicing, LPG servicing, Auto refinish, Emission Analysis, AC repair, General maintenance, scheduled maintenance etc.

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