Published on 14 September, 2021

When we move our attention to the paint job, the whole model is coated in metallic silver with thin red stripping that can be seen in the actual car. Above all, the proportions of the model is also on point and is something that can be appreciated as other marques such as Hot Wheels, and corgi fail to accomplish this. Other small details that IXO should be applauded for include the front indicators and fog lights made out of separate plastic pieces rather than being painted on. The interior also has red seat belts that don’t fail to catch the eyes.However, the model has some drawbacks too such as the stance of the rear wheels is out of place. The fender indicators have been painted on which is a disappointment. The front headlights could have been better and the interior is under par for the price one has to pay for this model. The front windshield also has the window seal detail missing which makes it look rather weird. But one slowly grows into the look as time goes by. Other than these drawbacks the model can be considered to be extremely well built.