Bicycles Booming Bangladesh ; Bangladesh conquers third spot in EU bicycle imports!

Published on 17 September, 2021

In the traffic-ridden roads of Bangladesh, cycling, in very many cases can prove to be a feasible form of transport provided that the rider can take care of their own safety; the traffic besides being bothersome can also be dangerous considering the indifference of most Bangladeshi drivers regarding the safety of others in the streets. If we leave that part behind, cycling can demonstrate itself as a proper alternative to walking from place to place. Besides the transportation side of it all, cycling is simultaneously an exercise; it largely contributes towards a healthy lifestyle by not only helping riders keep fit but serving as an eco-friendly transportation method. If you were to take into concern the rapidly deteriorating environment of the country, bicycles yet again prove themselves to be an option for the masses. I mean, staying fit while suitably moving from place to place, oh and also contributing to the environment? Sign me up!