Riding During Monsoons

Published on 17 September, 2021

It’s always a good idea to get a service/check-up done on your motorcycle before the monsoons. If your bike has any mechanical issues that mildly hamper riding in the dry, they’re only going to get amplified when riding in the rain.Check the condition of your tyres. If they’re near the end of their life, it’s best to just replace them before the rains really kick in, even if you believe they’ve got a few hundred kilometres of rubber left in them. Tyre tread is designed to disperse water, so having good tread depth is critical for riding in the wet. Of course, just having good tread depth doesn’t ensure good grip in the wet. If the tyres are too old, chances are that the rubber has gone hard, and these hardened tyres will end up being nearly as bad as bald ones in the wet.