Published on 19 September, 2021

Now, replacing a car like the BMW M3 is never easy. It’s a car that not only looks well but is a car that also delivers in terms of performance. As a result, there are an awful lot of fans to impress. If that’s not enough, think about the rivals and the existence of the AMG, and the V8 muscle that could potentially steal your customers. Hence, BMW found itself holding a big to-do list to win the hearts of the M fans who are considered to be brutal to anything under-par.You may ask what are some of the things included in this so-called important list. Well, it basically includes the need for motorsport influence with flagship luxury, more power from an efficient engine, greater excitement and improved refinement. It also happens to include the need for obvious advantages over rivals at a cheaper cost compared to the past. More importantly, for the M3 and especially for the M4, the factory needs to create a car with that M car attitude which separates the great from the very good and which nobody can actually identify but knows when they experience it.