Top Rated Rims you can get for your Car An eligible set of rims can transmute the countenance of the vehicle and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Published on 13 October, 2021

Enkei RPF01

To make this list, I needed something from Enkei. Then I thought of the McLaren Honda Formula One Team. Who doesn’t know about it? Enkei is an official supplier. The rims I am going to talk about is the RPF1 and it has been developed by using the same technology as the Formula One racing wheel. These rims have dual open stance spoke design which helps in dispersion on curves, hard braking and extreme race driving. Not only that, the bolt circles in the rims increase callousness and keeps the wheel cooler during aggressive race driving. This set of rims has an eminent achievement in evolving the rims industry and if you are looking for a rough and tough set for racing, this is the place you should look in. A classic that you cannot go wrong with.

Fifteen52 Tarmac

Fifteen52 is a wheel brand that started the business only for the undying love of the automobile industry. They wanted to cast something unexpected. They designed their rims in a distinctive way and that really sets the Fifteen52s apart. The Tarmac which has an iconic design best represents everything the company stands for. The Tarmac comes in 17” and 18” wheel diameters with exoteric 4 AND 5 LUG PCDs. They also have custom PCDs too.

Kansei KNP

The Kansei KNP is a rim that is famous for its durability. The most promising feature of these rims is that the one piece Alloy that features exposed lugs. Its another feature is the cool gray finish of the rims. The beautiful 5 spoke wheels will surely elevate the look of your vehicle build.


The German manufacturing company BBS has been supplying original equipment wheels to major European and Japanese automakers for a long time.

The CH-R is a masterpiece of BBS. Long, filigree spokes and an exceptional small central area give this progressive lightweight wheel a striking look. This rims is available in 4 colors. Satin Black, Satin Titanium, Brilliant Silver and CH-R Central Lock are the 4 colors. The shape alone presumes a close relationship with Racing and the performance is palpable in every turn of the wheel.


Work Wheels are an iconic wheel manufacturer that has shown a lot of interest in the JDM market. They have been involved with the JDM car scene also. From their wide variety of rims, the EMOTION series is the best according to people’s point of view. ZR10 is in this list because this is the rims that is available in so many colors. 4 types of wheels that are colored finish with same features, with some of them having a special colour palette.

Advan RSDF

The concept of RS wheels was started by NEUSPEED, after which many manufacturers followed suit to make RS wheels. Then, Yokohama brought the Advan RSDF - one of the strongest RS wheels on the market. The traditional RS 10 spoke design on the RSDF makes it instantly recognizable. We all know RS wheels are forged but this one is quite different. Because it is deep forged. The rims are available in 3 depths. Standard, medium and extra. In the center of the rim, the spokes bend at an acute angle to assure ample caliper clearance. 3 colors are available. One is Machining & Racing Hyper Silver with Diamond Cut Finish. Another one is Racing Gloss Black with full Gloss Black all over. The last one is Racing Hyper Bronze that is mainly for showing more aggressive attitudes. All the colors are not available in every wheel size. The main attraction is the three dimensional Advan Racing FORGED logo is machined into the wheel center.

Enkei GTC02

Here is yet another rim from Enkei. The great GTC02. You are thinking - why I am admiring this rim. Because you don’t get to see a racing wheel with so many features. Generally, we can observe that the racing wheels are good looking but not with so many intricate features. The slightest changes in the rims can make your car more stable and you never know you might win the race due to that slightest change that company brings into the specific rims. Enkei did a lot of research to bring the GTC02 to the market. The RA series wheels that were used in the Super GT racing series are the main challenges that are seen on the weekend racing. GTC02 has been pulled from the same bag of tricks. The 6 split-spoke design that disperses stresses efficiently allows them to keep the spokes as thin as possible and makes cuts in them from the both front and sides so that it can shave weight even further. The sizing range is from 18*8 to 19*10.5. 2. Two colors are available. One is Hyper Silver and another one is Matte Black.