Mecedes-AMG E53 Cabriolet: Luxury Unbound

Published on 14 October, 2021

As one of the leading incumbents, what would you say are the challenges and growth opportunities for the automotive industry of Bangladesh?

Being a car enthusiast I would like to saythat there are several opportunities for the automotive industries to consider for growth, as Bangladesh is leading towards assembly of new cars, the future does seem very promising. We already have few brands who are assembling passenger vehicles and soon we are moving towards production plants. Wewould also like to highlight the usage of PHEV/Hybrid/EV vehicles. Authorities should take initiative for registering EV as they are not being registered at the moment.

As for Plug in Hybrid and Hybrid vehicles more charging stations should be installed in highways and City. As you can see in the Western World- shopping complex, commercial buildings they are all installed with hybrids charging stations. There are charging stations readily available and so it makes it really more convenient for Plug In hybrid user to use their car. The benefits of hybrid cars areless pollution and are environmental friendly. Also people waste so much of fuel whilstsitting in traffic in our country.

What are some of the milestones of Mercedes Bangladesh and some of the future goals that you would want the brand to accomplish?

Out of many milestone Mercedes-Benz Bangladesh have achieved,one of them have been transforming its showroom as per international standard of Mercedes-Benz MAR2020 guidelines to cater best experience to its client. Additionally, since last decade the changes are significant, such as we are offering mild hybrid models to plug-in hybrid models. Besides Rancon Motors is now offering luxury vehicles at most affordable price which was not possible before. The sales number has significantly gone up.

In addition, we now have a state of the art Aftersales service facilitywhich is equipped with all modern machines such as laser guided alignment machine and laser guided headlight adjustment machine which is first in the country. Also, in the future we promise to build more showrooms in different city and appoint dealers to achieve our goal of retailing 400-500 units within the next few years.

For anyone who wants to make a career in the luxury automotive industry, what advise do you have for them?

I strongly believe that we should have more learning and training programs aimed at developing automotive knowledge and salesmanship- specifically for the automotive industry. Professional certification in automotive training is a must for those who want to build their career in this industry as many brands will be setting up factories which will enhance the market of brand new cars rather than recondition ones. Technical knowhow isalso very importantas every-day, every other brandsare getting technically enhanced.

For any youngster who want to build their career, you can only flourish if you are passionate about cars and technologies.

Lastly, if you had to buy a car from another brand that is not Mercedes. What would it be? And why.

Honda! If I had to buy any car apart from Mercedes-Benz it has to be a Honda. Fun to drive, loaded with features, easy maintenance and great reliability.