Published on 1 February, 2022

Formula 1 has a fresh look for the New Year. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't care after last year's jumbled season finale in Abu Dhabi. But, as usual, we at Autocar are optimists, and after what was largely one of the finest on-track battles in grand prix racing history, we can't help but look forward to the 2022 season, when new ingredients promise to add even more spice to F1's fierce cauldron. Due to the December deadlines, this is our first opportunity to reflect on the events in Abu Dhabi. Oh, no. What a disaster. This time, it wasn't because of Sir Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, or even because of the tense rivalry between Mercedes-AMG and Red Bull. Both drivers deserved to be world champions, but it's a pity that a perfect classic season should come to an end with a rigged situation fueled by officials' uncertainty and stupidity.