Bus for a Bang Toyota Vellfire

Published on 7 April, 2022

Bangladesh, being a densely populated country; the citizens have had a need for transport in masses, hence comes the popularity of private microbuses, minivans and MPVs; which is what we are going to discuss about. But expect nothing but the best bits from Toyota, when it comes to their top of the line MPV, the Toyota Vellfire.

Exterior; it matters (not)

When it comes to the exterior of the Vellfire, it does not contain much drama compared to what awaits when the rear doors are open. Although the van in general, looks handsome with a boxy overall design,complimented by the body lines, giving it character. The front fascia comes packed with chrome bits and pieces, sandwiching DRLs and sequential indicators in between HID holographic headlights, and a blue Toyota logo; the land barge, sitting at five meters long, has an e-four hybrid engine system.


The Insides

But as soon as you climb inside the Vellfire is when it’s understood, that for the second generation, Toyota did not skimp on materials and when it comes to passenger comfort. Slide the door open and you will be introduced inside a lounge on wheels. The middle row seats are the ones that got the most focus on as they are XXL lounge seats with the leather quality that would be found inside typical Lexuses.

The front seats are big and comfortable but not as what rests in the middle. The front passenger seat is also completely adjustable but narrower in dimensions compared to the middle row. The steering wheel comes with a mix of leather and wooden materials, matching the trim along the dash. The infotainment system is also adequately featured, where there are both AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay.

The middle row seats though, have tons of features built in them including full adjustments, including the headrest, plush leather cushioning, as well as a small table which comes from the inside the armrest; which is also made of mahogany and it also has the seat positioning panel. The most impressive thing about the middle row seat is the amount of leg space that is present in between. People of any tangible size can completely extend their feet with no problem.

When it comes to the third row, it does not feel like an afterthought; the section has its own AC vents and the seats also fold up to give extra cargo space as well. The windows at the back have sun shades as well, blocking the sun, as well as providing increased privacy.



Technical specifications

The Toyota Vellfire, which is commonly available in Bangladesh, comes with a 2.5L inline-4 hybrid engine with e-four technology, with two extra electric motors on each axle, paired with an automatic transmission, which in total produces 155 kW and 194Nm of torque.



The Toyota Vellfire overall is a great car to have if you commute with extra people in general, and want to move in style without compromising comfort. The Vellfire being a hybrid is also fuel efficient, providing 16.2 km/l on highways and since it is a Toyota, reliability is one of their more prioritized sectors to deal with. Thus it can be said that the Vellfire ultimately is a bus for a bang.