Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Fi ABS: Ride Fearlessly 

Published on 7 April, 2022

If you have the slightest idea about bikes, you’ve definitely heard about Bajaj. Perhaps, you’ve even got to ride one. Introducing one of the first ever affordable 150cc commuter motorcycles in Bangladesh, their bikes became an instant hit during the early 2000s and remained popular even to this date. 
 Bajaj has proven that their motorcycles can be relied upon for decades. The customer's faith and the satisfaction it delivers has always compelled Bajaj to release refreshed editions of their Pulsar models. After receiving tremendous success with the Pulsar 150 across the Indian subcontinent, it was time for Bajaj to release a more powerful sports commuter to stay up to date with the current market. Thus, a couple of years ago, Bajaj released the Pulsar NS160, Bajaj’s most powerful bike to have ever been released in Bangladesh. 

 Although not being nearly as popular as the 150cc model, the NS160 was still a popular option among young riders who wanted a good looking sports bike that won’t break the bank for maintenance. Thus, after Bajaj’s success with the first edition of the NS160, in 2021, Uttara Motors Ltd. who are the authorised distributors of Bajaj in Bangladesh brought the refreshed edition of the Pulsar NS160 ABS.

As the name suggests, the Pulsar NS 160 ABS now comes with Anti-Lock Braking System- a must have life saving feature for any modern sports commuter bike these days. 
 Although there are barely any changes in the looks department, the NS160 FI was already ahead of it’s time when the bike was originally launched in 2017 and even in 2022, the bike doesn’t look outdated by any means. In fact, there’s still a powerful stance, which is enhanced by an aggressive headlight design and an exhaust on the underbelly which somewhat reminds me of the KTM Duke 125(which is also manufactured by Bajaj for the Indian market!), all of which add to the bike's presence. Perhaps, the NS160 FI is the only bike in its class to offer an underbelly exhaust today. Like every other bike in the Pulsar series, the NS160 FI also comes with an iconic two-part sliced tail light although a lot more aggressive than the one in the Pulsar 150. For the refreshed edition, Bajaj have also redesigned the decals which makes the refreshed NS stand out and would surely linger in the minds of anyone passing by. 

 When it comes to features, the NS is still equipped with the outdated semi digital cluster which has been used on Bajaj bikes for over decades now. It’s about time that Bajaj focuses on designing a new gauge cluster, especially for a premium sports bike like the NS160. Besides, it boasts a backlit switchgear and an AHO (Automatic Headlight On) technology to assist you at night. It has an Oil Cooled fuel injected engine with DTS-i double spark ignition and an underbelly exhaust system. As a result, this bike is more efficient and safer than ever before; although it was never inefficient to begin with.
When it comes to selecting colours, buyers will be happy to find out Bajaj offering 4 colour options for the NS160 refresh edition which are of- Passion Red + Satin Black, Pearl Metallic White + Satin Black, Glossy Putter Grey + Satin Black, and Sapphire Blue + Satin Black.

Test Ride
On paper, the all-new BAJAJ Pulsar NS160 FI ABS is an incredibly capable motorbike. It’s supposed to deliver superb handling dynamics when riding because of its Perimeter frame- and boy it does! The bike is well balanced and really easy to maneuver around corners. Despite weighing  148kg, there wasn’t a single instance when it felt heavy. The design of the NS160’s 12 liter fuel tank grips the rider well and also helps in boosting confidence when taking corners. 
The NS160’s 160.3 liter engine, mated to a 5 speed transmission, produces 15.02 PS of power at 8500rpm and 14.12 Nm at 6500 rpm. Bajaj’s engines are always known to be well refined when compared to other Indian bikes and the power output is one of the highest for its class. Although, the throttle response was only the second most interesting thing to me when I got to ride the NS160 for the first time. 

 The first one was undoubtedly the brakes. The NS160 is an aggressive bike. One can be cruising at 30km/h and reach 90km/h at the blink of an eye. However, thanks to the ABS, it can get to rest from that speed even quicker! Besides, although some might have concerns with the 90mm front and 120mm rear tyre, during my short experience with the NS, there was not even a single instance when the rear tyre started to go sideways when I braked too hard. Although, having a dual channel ABS option would’ve just been the cherry on top. 

The only possible downside to the bike is the extremely high seat height which would make it really difficult for any rider below 5ft 7inch to maneuver the bike on a regular basis. 

Indian bikes have come a long way and the BAJAJ Pulsar NS160 FI ABS is a perfect example for that. Designed with a young demographic in mind, the NS160 is the sportiest Bajaj bike to have been ever offered in Bangladesh officially. All in all, it’s an all rounder that can not only be used as a daily commuter but can also be taken to long rides once in a while as well.