Avik Anwar, Bangladesh's first international racing champion

Published on 11 April, 2022

This time, Avik Anwar became the first Bangladeshi champion in any international motor race competition. Avik won the National Racing Championship held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). He won the title on behalf of his established Bangladesh Motor Sports team. Last month, he finished fourth in the Volkswagen Polo Cup, India's national touring car championship.

17 competitors took part in the race held at Dubai Auto Drum. Among them were competitors from the USA, Canada, Bangladesh, India, UAE, and some European countries.

Avik Anwar told Prothom Alo on his mobile phone on Sunday afternoon, "This is the first time I have become a champion by becoming a Bangladeshi racing driver. It will inspire me to go further. It was a multiclass racing competition. '

The UAE Motor Sports Regulatory Authority, the Emirates Motor Sport Organization (ESMO), hosts the National Racing Championships. Avik has become the champion in the '6 categories' of this competition.

Six rounds of this competition have been completed. The first was on November 1 last year. Competitors had to race twice in each episode. Avik Anwar came first, second or third in each episode race. There were two races yesterday too. One at two in the afternoon, the other at four in the afternoon. Avic said the length of this racing track of Dubai Auto Drum is 4.4 kilometers. Race time is 30 minutes. Each race had to be completed with 12 laps.

Avik Anwar finished second in the previous two races. "My time with the first place winner was 1 second," said Avik.

The champion trophy will be handed over to Avik at a glittering ceremony in Dubai today. On the racing track of the international competition, there was a red-green flag on the rear window of Avik's car, and the flag of Bangladesh can still be seen at the award ceremony.