Published on 30 June, 2022

Ishayet Hossain had a fascination for the automotive world since he was very young. He found a way to learn driving at the age of ten amidst much hush-hush planning and prep. While his peers were into the more popular sports of cricket, football and the like, Ishayet was thinking about the track. Now, at the age of 17, Ishayet has become the first ever Bangladeshi to win the Junior Champion crown of the VW Polo Cup race series that took place in India earlier this month. 

It’s important to stress how impressive of a feat he has accomplished, given the circumstances and conditions. As a novice racer with very limited prior experience, he’s won an international championship coming from a country with no facilities to nurture talent for this sport. Furthermore, he had dislocated his shoulder while doing the NGK Pro Car Racing in UAE just a week before the final of the Indian championship. Despite the discomfort he won the Polo Cup. 

He was overjoyed as he expressed, "When they announced the winner 'Ishayet Hossain from Bangladesh', I felt proud. Felt like I did something so big that I could not even fit into my imagination."
Ishayet was inspired by Avik Anwar, who is nothing less of a household name to enthusiasts and followers of Bangladeshis in motorsport. Having received Avik Anwar’s guidance and training was the ultimate blessing to the 17-year-old.

"It was special, definitely. My mentor, my brother, Avik bhai supported me all through the championship. He even concentrated on my race before his own, following up with tips and instructions on how to improve my time, “ said Ishayet. 
“And when I won the race, he was so proud. I could see it in his eyes.

Ishayet expresses his gratitude towards his family for the mental support as it has propelled him to work harder towards his goals. The financial burden is immense as motorsports ar eone of the msot expensive to enter. However, the encouragement from his family, especially his father, has made it seem like the sky is the limit. 

Having trained with nothing but a simulator due to the lack of facilities in our country, he was nervous upon initially appearing in the arena. He thought everyone seemed better and more confident. However, upon getting on the track and finishing five laps, he noticed his timing was better than most, which bolstered his confidence. 
As of now, Ishayet just got admitted to a university and is also looking after his father’s business. He believes it to be possible to juggle his education, business and racing through his unfaltering dedication and passion towards his craft. He plans on performing the next full season of the NGK Pro Championship in UAE, alongside a full championship in Sepang, Malaysia later this year. 
His biggest goal right now is to represent his nation internationally. 


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