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Once upon a time, buying a flagship Mercedes-Benz or any other non Japanese car was only a dream for many given the hurdles one had to face with maintaining one.

The Germans are known to put the most sophisticated technologies into their cars. Hence, in a country vastly dominated by cars from a single Japanese automaker, self taught mechanics barely had any experience with cars from even other Japanese brands, let alone the Europeans. Hence, despite better features and ergonomics, buyers would always lean away from cars such as the Mercedes Benz.

However, things changed quite drastically ever since Rancon Motors Limited started its journey as the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Bangladesh. Like any other authorised dealership all around the world, Rancon had to build a service center of its own to ensure proper service and maintenance of its sold vehicles. In 2021, the garage was relocated to Mohakhali acquiring a total land area of over 13,000sq ft

Like an official dealership should be, Rancon Motors offers all types of services for engine, suspension, electrical, brakes, detailing, oil change and many more authorised by Daimler. Every Mercedes purchased through Rancon Motors Limited gets a complimentary free service while both official Mercedes units and the units purchased through the grey market can be serviced at the official service station.

Owning a Mercedes in one of the most densely populated nations in the world, it doesn take much effort to get covered in dents and scratches. Besides, given the uneven road surface and high pollution environment, parts such as the tires, air filter and cabin filter requires regular services and frequent replacements which Rancon Motors promises to provide along with all genuine and OEM parts for any Mercedes model.

At full capacity, Mercedes-Benz Bangladesh promises to house 14 vehicles and provide services to upto 8 vehicles at a time. Besides, owners of vehicles get to sit and look at their cars being serviced from the VIP customer waiting lounge.Currently, Rancon Motors provides services to all Mercedes vehicles which come with a combustion engine including hybrids. However, in the future, Mercedes Bangladesh aims to import its fully electric lineup, the EQ series and also ensure authorised vehicle service support.


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