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Ferrari’s figured puzzle piece

Ferrari has undoubtedly been having the best seasons ever after many years of struggle being a championship winning team in the midfield. As the cars have been redesigned to fit the new regulations for 2022, Ferrari has used the chance to develop a machine that is finally bringing home some podiums.
For 2022, FIA decided to change some rules regarding the safety and the rendering of the chassis of the race cars, which gave us tons of new designs and technology to play with. Ferrari on the other hand decided to go with deeply grooved side pods on their car which supposedly is meant to increase engine efficiency by more cooling as well as contribute to better aerodynamics by reducing the drag coefficient as much as possible.
For this season, most of the teams have opted for a more curved, flowing design which resulted in counterparts being more connected with each other both mechanically and in terms of design language. Ferrari opted for a different approach with making the monocoque panels shorter and more rounded with deep grooves on the side for cooling and for redirection of air by splitting them both ways in one panel.

Since the monocoque is shorter on the new F1-75, it leaves off extra space on the front and back of the car which can be used to reduce wake turbulence behind the front tires. Although the Ferrari is shorter, in retrospect dirty air is supposed to hamper the flow of the car, causing an under steer from the flow of the car in front, but Ferrari has made the aero tighter on the side floor, creating a vortex which can correct the stance.
Ferrari also have also kept the undercut of the widest point of the car narrow which tends to generate an air cushion when the tires squirt, which helps to reduce porpoising.
Overall, as the car goes under further development over the course of the season, the F1-75 could finally be the key to Ferrari’s glory days. The car has already shown us that it means business in the track and further development could make it hit more purple sectors.

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