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Future of Electric Cars in Bangladesh

In 2013, the total number of electric vehicles in the country was 3,97,000. By 2019, the numbers have increased to stand at 1.5 million. The number of electric vehicles is likely to increase in the coming days. There is also an opportunity for expansion of the electric passenger car. But to utilize that properly we need to be more aware of the scalable adaptability patterns and electric mobility ecosystems of electric cars in our country. If we think of recycling, there are several companies like Rahimafrooz and Confidence Batteries that are making electric car batteries along with setting up recycling plants. Especially Rahimafruz. They are investing heavily in their recycling plant where they harvest lead from used batteries and make them usable again. Moreover, they are conducting several awareness campaigns related to recycling and encouraging users to buy new batteries by exchanging old ones. Undoubtedly, all these initiatives of Rahimafrooz can serve as an example for the rest of the companies. At present, many people in the country are buying plug-in hybrid cars, and Tesla also arrived in the country a few days ago, which means that the demand for electric cars will increase in our country in the coming days.

However, several government initiatives and assistance are needed to make the adoption of electric cars in the country easier and more successful. Such as the promotion of local battery industry development, ensuring adequate resources and easy availability of necessary infrastructure. In addition, long-term agreements are required with lithium-producing countries like Australia and China. Moreover, the initiatives taken by the Chinese government for the expansion of electric car usage can also be followed. Above all, it is necessary to reduce the tax on the import of electric cars so people are encouraged to buy them.

Finally, it can be asserted that the expansion of the electric car industry will play an important role in the country’s economy, including meeting the demand for improved transportation services. It will also help new entrepreneurs to succeed by creating informal sectors in different areas including mechanics, driving, battery recycling, battery charging, auto mechanics etc. But do you think Bangladesh will be able to establish the demand for electric cars like the developed countries? And what other steps can be taken to do so?

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