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“I started riding bikes early, I was probably twelve or fourteen years old. Now I’m a middle-aged brand manager but that love for the two wheeled ride has only intensified.”
Maruf uz Zaman, better known as Aony among his biker buddies, works as a brand manager. He splits his time between bikes and his beautiful four-year-old daughter Shijdah Maruf. 

“My fascination started early. I was young, too young perhaps. How was a twelve-year-o ld supposed to have a motorbike? My neighbor had a 50 cc Yamaha and sometimes I would beg to borrow that for practice. He was like an a big brother to me and would often take me along for long motorcycle rides.”
Maruf’s love for motorbikes only grew further with more exposure to pop culture. Back in the day cable television service had not yet begun. The singular and sparsely populated national television channel was the only option. He would always watch a TV program named Gillette World Show broadcasted on BTV. This was the beginning of a love affair for sports bikes. That fascination evolved and grew to include tourers bike and classic Bobbers. While sports bikes have an agile, techno charm, a tourer offers comfort that helps on longer trips. Bikes for Maruf signify freedom and peace. During any gap from work, he prefers to head out on motorbike trips. Although his preference lies in solo trips, an outing with a group of friends and fellow enthusiasts creates a more emotional and confident bond.

 I always follow one golden rule when riding a bike: Slow and steady wins the race.


What bike gets his heart racing?

“I think the word favorite varies according to your own age and where you are at life at that particular point of time. For as long as I can remember, I was a huge sport-bike fan of the Ducati Panigale and BMW s1000RR. As time passed, my eyes and heart now rest on bikes with classic lines like the Triumph Bobber and Royal Enfield Bullet. You saddle down and embrace maturity.”

How does a family man like him balance a bike collection?

“I have a Yamaha MT 15, Suzuki GSX R, and a KTM Duke in my garage. My beautiful wife always supports and encourages me to fulfill my dreams. For my daily office purpose, most of the time I use my car but in my heart, I always prefer the thrill of the two-wheeler and the open air.”
How do you break the image in Bangladesh of bikers being, well, bikers?

“I have a favorite line from the movie Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility. I think if we respect other vehicles and follow the road rules properly we can reduce accidents. For reference, I was in London for my studies and I observed everyone strictly obeying traffic rules. You’re sharing the road with all kinds of other people. Respect other road users, be aware and let the world flow smoothly around you.”

Parting shot?

“I think everyone should wear proper riding gear with a certified helmet for long rides. A proper helmet and boots are the added insurance in case you fall. Nothing is greater than your health especially when you have loved ones waiting for you at home. I always follow one golden rule when riding a bike: Slow and steady wins the race.”



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