Thursday, November 30, 2023

Audi A5

What makes it special?

This A5 being a Sportbackmakes it really amazing to drive and quite easy to handle. It is almost as if I am driving a 2 door coupe.The nimble and lightweight feeling of the steering is noteworthy.

Is it worth the price?

Although many might disagree with me due to the ridiculous price of luxury cars in Bangladesh,I personally think the car is definitely worth the price if the car is driven daily and for personal use. The car is spectacular is wen driven for personal purposes and is really reliable when it comes to regular usage.

Do you want to upgrade this car in the future?If not,what plans do you have for the car in the future

I actually am improving the performance of this car by adding a race chip and an intake system which are already on the way.The racechip is a GTS Black ECU tune and the intake system is 034 motorsport p34 Cold Air.The purpose of getting a cold air intake system is so that the air to fuel ratio of the car is improved,meaning I’ll be getting noticeably better mileage.Other than these two orders,I am also planning to upgrade the exhaust sometime in the future.I am thinking of doing a milktek cat-back exhaust or muffler delete so that the car produces a satisfying sound.

When it comes to the appearance, I want to change the outlook with a good wheel-tyre set.I also plan on getting aRS5 kit in the futureto really augment the exterior side of things.

How has the car been serving you?

The car has been of great service. It has been used daily with no problems whatsoever. I even took it out of Dhaka a few times without any problesmor complications. The car is really comfortable to drive and the torque is also comfortable enough for Dhaka traffic.I genuinely love the car for the service it has been providing till now.

Are there any interesting facts about this car? If there are, feel free to share

The Audi A5 is actually a Quattro AWD(All Wheel Drive) with a 7 speed stronicdct transmission

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