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Mawa with Mercedes Club Bangladesh

Ever since the Mawa expressway opened up, it’s given leeway to car enthusiasts to really test their cars, or enjoy a spirited drive in one of the only good roads in the country that allow a car guy to do so. Thus the ‘mawa run’ has become a staple in the car scene for a meet on-the-go.

Named ‘Mawa Run with Mercedes-Benz’, the event was a rally and as the name suggests, a drive to Mawa. It commenced early morning, when the club members who were cordially invited were supposed to meet up at Gulshan 2 dead end before heading off. They were met with rain, when Mr. Mandood started to expected only a handful of cars to show up yet to his surprise about 16 cars still showed up and headed off to Mawa amidst the rain hitting their windshields.

The drive continued up till the Mawa roundabout, where they stopped to chill, eat good food, courtesy of their food sponsor Absolute Thai, have a chat and grab some photos after which the club members headed home after yet another wholesome event by Mercedes-Benz Club Bangladesh.



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