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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR:

Evo 9 Enkei wheels on an Evo 6 – a match made in heaven. This simple yet ingenuous idea really transforms the overall look of the evo, and pushes it towards the sleeker side of the spectrum.

A testament to the rally pedigree of the evo is the colossal iconic rally wing that makes the evo look like it’s ready to take off at any moment. The wing and the VI go hand in hand and at this point the car is recognizable from the wing alone.

Equipped with Recaro bucket seats from factory, they provide both the driver and the passenger with ample bolstering and lumbar support to as let you let loose the boost on the corners, or go about conquering terrains.

A ubiquitous equipment among all evo generations, the minimalistic leather Momo steering wheel is sporty yet comfortable.

Aftermarket gauges – oil pressure, water temperature and boost gauge help to further monitor the ins-and-outs of your car, and are almost imperative on performance turbocharged cars.

This quirky switch is the Intercooler Water Spray button, used on the rally track to spray a stream of water on the intercooler in the harsh conditions of rally terrains.

Albeit not as useful or necessary on the roads, it was a useful addition to cool down the intercooler, meaning colder, denser air for the turbo, therefore more boost and more power.

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