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One man and his goal to tour Bangladesh in the fastest time possible

I started driving from 1995, I drove a Toyota in my garage for 1 month, and for 8 years I drove inside DOHS. I used to visualize driving on the streets by looking at my chauffer; I used to follow his movements while sitting on the passenger seat. I always wanted to become better at driving. In 2009 I went on my first trip; it was to Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar in my IST. My uncle and two of my friends accompanied me. After this trip, I thought to myself I needed a good camera, a laptop and a pickup truck. I then bought a Nissan Navara and toured 32 districts. I then started RAW (Rahmania Auto Works) an automotive workshop where we did paint jobs, oil changes and everything in between. As RAW became successful, I thought about buying a car with my own money. I was never a big fan of driving at high speeds but after buying a Honda Torneo I wanted to go faster and faster, which led me to my next purchase, a Honda Integra DC5 Type R which I took to Sylhet and Chittagong.

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