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Your infotainment screen may be dirtier than a toilet seat

Compare the Market is an automotive insurance comparison website based in the United Kingdom. The company recently conducted a study to observe the dirtiest part inside your car, using 10 different cars in varying segments to bring out an average. Said cars involved in the study ranged from family cars and luxury vehicles to work vans. The test utilised high-end surface test swabs and computing systems to determine Relative Light Units (RLU). Each vehicle was swabbed in the following places: shifter, indicator stalks, steering wheel, driver seatbelt and seat, interior door handle, windshield, stereo/touchscreen, and rearview mirror. The amount of Adenosine Triphosphate collected in the swabs was then compared to the RLU; the higher the RLU reading, the dirtier the surface.According to the results, the stereo portion of a car proved to be dirtiest, with an RLU reading that is 371% dirtier than a toilet seat at an office building. The shifter came in second, with a close 331% headstart over the toilet seat. These two nasty places were followed by the indicators stalks, the steering wheel and handbrake. Sounds disgusting and it is, but makes sense considering how much they’re touched and how irregularly they receive a cleaning treatment. Alternatively, other test results expressed that a family car’s interior could be up to twice as dirty as a work van. As I said before, it really is time to change our perspectives.



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