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A Day Of Upholding The Heritage

Now, the first Heritage meet took place back in 2019. Followed by its success two more were held with each being better than the last. The Mercedes-Benz Heritage Meet 2021 took place on January 22 in association with Rancon Motors. The Mercedes-Benz Club Bangladesh held the event on 22nd. Everyone participating met up at Rancon Motors around 2:30 p.m. from there everyone drove to the destination. Just like the previous years, this year it took place at Fatema’s Dell. This year the Heritage Meet blew our minds. From the arrangements to the people who showed up it was quite the overwhelming experience. Many big names were seen in the event. Malik Talha the managing director of The United group, who is also hardcore collector of vintage cars. Seeing MR. Talha there was no surprise. Rezwan Nawsher the head of Marketing of Shell. And the list goes on. The whole event had so many big names one just can’t keep track of.



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