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In Japan, there are probably groups for cars for literally every segment, category or almost model of cars driven there. From big trucks to the more popular tuner cars and sports car groups to even minivans and commuter car groups. While the growth in the popularity of social media and the internet has made car clubs a norm in other parts of the world as well, those mainly exist to discuss problems about their specific cars and those rarely come close to the ones in Japanese car clubs in terms of their group activity.Since the last few years, Bangladesh has seen a rise in the number of automotive groups and even car clubs of various different models of cars similar to those in Japan. One of those is the ‘Aqua Club Bangladesh’ – a car club founded by Mr. MoniruzzamanManun. On 18th June 2021, Aqua Club Bangladesh hosted their 2nd official car meet which took place on the Chef’s Table Courtside situated in 100ft road of Madani Avenue in the country’s capital Dhaka.



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