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Yoshihiko Matsuo, the man behind the iconic Z is no more!

Matsuo started working with Nissan while he was attending Nihon University College of Art. His first probable success with Nissan was when he helped develop the popular Datsun Midget. After his college he started to work as a full-timer for Nissan and worked on many popular and successful Nissans such as the Datsun Bluebird 410 sedan and not to mention the mighty 240z! Back in the mid 1960s Matsuo was given the task to develop a new Datsun roadster than could compete with the MGB and Triumph back in the American Market as Datsun was only selling cheap and reliable sedans and a few trucks back then. From 1966 to 1968 Matsuo spent his time shaping the 240z taking ideas and design cues from other roadsters such as the Fiat 850 and Porsche 914 in order to make the most aesthetically pleasing classic Nissan in my opinion.

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