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It’s always at Mohakhali CSD Turbine Meetings where I am asked to write an article which is so hard for me that I don’t even know how I manage to do it every time. This is one of those articles. If you don’t know me yet, I am a guy who likes anything Porsche. So, if you take a rickshaw and put a Porsche emblem on it, I will possibly love it. This is why when it comes to talking about why Singer is better at making Porsches than Porsche themselves, it’s a nightmare for me because I love both and if you think about it both these brands complement each other to the point where Singer wouldn’t even be a thing if Porsche didn’t exist and old Porsches would be rotting away if Singer didn’t restore them. So, when a Porsche fanatic like me is asked to answer the question if Singer is better at building a Porsche than Porsche, I see myself at this crossroad where I can only take one path and not give a response that favours both parties because to be fair with all biases aside the answer is pretty obvious.

Now, I want to make one thing very clear before I give my point of view on this very beautiful question that my editor has so generously chosen for me. I have never driven a classic Porsche or a Porsche redesigned by Singer. Let alone, I never had the opportunity to even see them in person. But the relationship I have with these two brands is just like the first crush one has where you know you can’t ever be with them or have the guts to talk to them but you still happen to know what their favourite ice cream flavour is. A bit creepy but we shall let it slide. Porsche and Singer may be beyond my pay grade as of now but I know way too much about these brands to be able to answer which one is better if compared. But I will not go too deep as I have been told to keep it brief.

In my personal opinion, Singer makes a better Porsche than Porsche themselves mainly because the latter is providing them with these blank canvases (911 shells) on which Singer can go all crazy. They are also able to see what an actual Porsche lacks like power and include those in their singer models. An example of this would be the 930 Turbo which has a 3.3 Litre turbocharged engine but has been bumped up to a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged engine in the Singer Study which is the Singer redesigned 930 pushing 450hp compared to the stock 256hp. However, that 450hp only goes higher because Singer can increase the horsepower based on the owner’s preference.

This just shows how Singer can harness the true power out of Porsches than Porsche can because Porsche will always have the cost of production to worry about whereas Singer will just add the additional bill on the owner’s tab. In normal economics term, Porsche suffers from being a large firm whereas Singer benefits from being a small firm catering to a niche market where buyers will prefer to buy a Singer even if the price is double compared to a normal Porsche because the hefty price tag is justified by getting a car that is classic yet modern, much faster than stock, is personalised while still having the main Porsche characteristics, and is just simply flawless.

Even though Porsche Purists would argue that Singer isn’t a real Porsche, which in a way I agree because the original car that has been manufactured by the manufacturer themselves could vary in terms of all aspects like power, feel and experience from the ones Singer makes but realistically speaking the perception for a real Porsche varies from one person to another. Singer uses those different perceptions and preferences to make the Singer Porsche perform and feel just the way the owner would expect a real Porsche to be because let’s be honest a car that has been specialised just for one person will feel much better to them than a car that has been mass-produced which at the end the day helps them enjoy the Porsche more. Therefore, enabling them to live their real Porsche experience.

Even though only a few can afford the hefty price tag of a Singer, meaning for the rest of us, a Singer may always be that unattainable first crush. But even after that, I would say Singer is better at making a Porsche than Porsche

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