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2022 Toyota Harrier Review A step towards simplified sophistication

The Toyota Harrier in Bangladesh has always been a crowd favorite. The subtle, yet highly appreciated premium cues, paired with Toyota’s reliability has made the Harrier one the most desirable SUV’s to get in the country. For 2022, Toyota replaces the third generation of the Harrier, welcoming a new sleeker fourth generation, where Toyota gave it a total overhaul. Keep reading to find out more.

The fourth-generation does not look overhauled but it certainly received a distinctive update. People might assume the new Harrier looks somewhat like a Jaguar F-Pace from the rear taillights; apart from the fact that the new Harrier has a light bar joining both lights, making it quite modern. The front fascia also has a new look to it having a sporty, yet minimalistic approach, having two vent ducts on the bumper where the fog lights used to be on the last generation and the front grille where the logo used to be has been replaced by a small plastic piece with a Toyota logo instead of the bird emblem. The headlights received a total overhaul as well, where the always-on lights have been restyled which look sleek and modern. Overall, the shape of the car does not change much but it looks a bit rounded off from the front bumper.

Interior and infotainment
The interior of the Toyota Harrier has always been high quality, being a descendant of the Lexus RX series and this time around, it does not disappoint either. The whole interior is wrapped around leather, and polished wooden trim pieces. Similar to the exterior, the interior also follows a minimalistic approach with the center console sporting an 8’’ touchscreen, where the bezel is a bit thick but can be upgraded to a sleeker looking 10’’ screen for the infotainment system. When it comes to the sound department, the Harrier comes with a 6 speaker setup, unfortunately no JBL this time. The Harrier infotainment also supports Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto

Specifications and features
The Toyota Harrier this year comes in two main packages and three trim levels, namely S, G, and Z. There are leather and non-leather packages like every year but, the usual trim levels remain same for both the packages. HID and front power seats are a default option thus, it does not cut down on what you would expect from a moderately luxurious vehicle. Apart from that, the Toyota Harrier comes in two engine types. A 2.0L inline- 4 which is more preferable to Bangladeshi importers producing 169 HP and a 2.5L inline-4 producing 219 HP, both paired with a CVT transmission. This year though, the turbo version has not been introduced yet and we do not know if there will be one as well. The Toyota Harrier comes in both Hybrid and non-hybrid versions thus, there are plenty of options to choose from; including a GR version too.

has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The Harrier also comes with a panoramic sunroof which is also monochromatic; which could tint the glass by the press of a button to let less light enter when the roof liner is open.
In my opinion, the new Harrier is a brilliant car. With the amount of features you are getting, paired with Japanese reliability, it’s a solid car to skip from your list if you are on the market to buy one. Although the turbo is not available across this lineup the naturally aspirated is still punchy enough to tackle Dhaka traffic.



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